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California Kush

A bud from the Golden State that shines like a star


About California Kush

Also often called Cali Kush, this indica-dominant hybrid (developed by Anesia Seeds) blends Strawberry Kush with OG Kush into a sedative strain with potent healing properties.

Patients love this strain for its full-body pain relief, euphoric mood shift, and long-lasting high. If that wasn't enough, this strain is great to grow indoors, flowering in 7-8 weeks and producing a host of large, fluffy, potent buds.

These big buds generally test around 22% THC, have a unique fruity grapefruit and coffee aroma, and have bright forest green leaves with a ton of brick red pistils and a heavy frost of trichomes.

Because this strain is so potent, it may be overwhelming for patients who have a low tolerance for THC, and is best used by patients who have a higher tolerance.