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Dawg's Waltz

If you've ever wondered what a dog's life is like, it's probably like this indica-dominant hybrid strain


About Dawg's Waltz

The breeder High & Lonesome blended Tres Dawg with Purple Urkle and created Dawg's Waltz (also sometimes called Sour Waltz), a particularly skunky bud with incredible effect.

Cannabis patients who have tried Dawg's Waltz describe the strain as unyieldingly euphoric and surprisingly narcotic, making it a great choice for users managing chronic pain, or anyone who needs a good night's rest.

Each of this strain's pungent, spicy flowers is a deep green, somewhat brightened by the golden pistils that litter the tips of each calyx and the thick frost of trichomes that coats them.

Generally, THC potency of this strain is fairly high, though more interestingly this strain boasts a high proportion of medically beneficial terpenes such as myrcene, linalool, and humulene.