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Tres Dawg

An award-winning strain from Mr. JJ NYC blends together Chem D and Afghan #1


About Tres Dawg

Tres Dawg was created by JJ NYC by crossbreeding Chem D with Afghan #1. He chose the Afghan because it had a thicker stem and was not as leafy as Hindu Kush. He then backcrossed the strain twice to create Tres Dawg.

The high that Tres Dawg delivers is exceedingly stimulating and physically relaxing, and this strain is said to bring a happy buzz to many of those who have used it.

Top Dawg Seeds originally developed this strain, and you can generally expect this strain's flowers to give off a pungent odor that becomes quite refreshingly lemony when smoked.

Fluffy, bulbous flowers of Tres Dawg have many patches of orange pistils, which separate the large cloak of translucent trichomes that covers each sage green flower.