Double Barrel OG

A strain that delivers equal levels of cerebral euphoria and potent relaxation
About Double Barrel OG

Double Barrel OG is Dank House Seeds' own blend of Whitefire #2 (The White x Raskals Fire) and Raskals OG Kush (SFV OG x Fire OG).

This strain is known for its severely high potency (topping 22% in some tests) as well as this bud's clear-headed euphoric effect.

Patients love this bud for the calm body high it produces as well as its stimulating head effect that leaves you feeling energetic and clears your head of distracting thoughts.

This strain's dense bright green buds are renowned for their bright lemon and pine smell and sticky resin, as well as the bright red pistils that litter the surface of every bud.

1 Review
6 months ago
Double Barrel OG is a balanced Hybrid strain with small dark forest green buds covered by dark orange hairs and a sticky resin layer. Users will feel a strong head high, that leaves the mind clear to creative and focus while the body feel set and ready to do whatever comes to mind. Double Barrel OG has a pungent burn oil smell and a diesel citric taste.
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