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Dr. Bubbles

A balanced hybrid of Bubblegum and Gupta Kush that is satisfying day or night


About Dr. Bubbles

Colorado Seed Inc. combined Gupta Kush with the classic strain Bubblegum to create their stunning balanced hybrid son, Dr. Bubbles.

Due to its lineage, this strain is fairly fast-flowering (usually ready to be harvested within 9 weeks) and known to produce some large, dense buds.

Patients say that Dr. Bubbles is a somewhat euphoric strain that produces a very mellow full-body effect that does not stop its user from being active physically or creatively.

This strain produces a bright floral aroma with a flavor not unlike bubblegum, and Dr. Bubblegum is known for the big dense green buds it produces, each coated in hot pink pistils and a fur of trichomes.