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Durban Cheese

Combining two of the greatest strains of all time, Durban Cheese speaks for itself


About Durban Cheese

This stimulating sativa-dominant bud combines famed sativa strain Durban Poison with the potent hybrid Cheese. Durban Cheese gives its users a buzz that leaves both body and mind completely and totally relaxed.

This strain has a tendency to be sedative, so it is best used before bed when you at least have a few hours free. Durban Cheese's lumpy moss-green calyxes are tipped with a fuzz of orange pistils and sparkling trichomes that give this strain its high potency.

Durban Cheese has been tested at 15% THC, but the quality of the buds depend significantly on the quality of the plant's growth.

These nugs give off the typical cheesy aroma that one would expect from a Cheese descendent, alongside a less typical acidic lemon scent.