A balanced hybrid from the UK, this cheese-flavored strain brings intensely stimulating effects
About Cheese

Cheese is a potent and balanced hybrid cannabis strain thought to have originated in the UK.

Allegedly named for the thick layer of nacho cheese-colored pistils that litter the surface of every flower, Cheese's grass green buds are each also decorated with a shimmering coat of trichomes.

In addition to the strain's cheesy look, Cheese buds have a buttery, creamy, cheese-like flavor and a sweet yet somehow pungent odor.

Cheese's effects have been called intense by some who have used this strain, as it provides a stimulating head high and a physical buzz that is thoroughly relaxing.

1 Review
5 months ago
If you are a cheese lover, this one is for you. Cheese strain is a well balanced hybrid that can be your wake and bake and low doses and your bed time smoke when in high doses. Its' color has a nice orange and yellow hues. Cheese will calm the mind and body boosting the user with energy but when in high doses the body will become sedated, making you sleepy.
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