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Dutch Thunder Fuck

Bringing two cannabis cup winning strains together created this infamously potent hybrid


About Dutch Thunder Fuck

Sirius Buds developed this strain by combining the extremely popular and cup-winning strains Matanuska Thunder Fuck and Dutch Treat.

An odd couple that seems to somehow suit one another, Dutch Thunder Fuck is probably a sativa-dominant hybrid strain.

Known for her invigorating mental effects, Dutch Thunder Fuck's high THC potency (usually about 25%) tends to give patients a motivating and energetic head rush, while its soothing body effects mellow physical pain.

Allegedly this relatively hard-to-find bud has a delightful citrus aroma with undertones of earthy pine. Buds of this strain have bright green calyxes and a thick layer of twirling rust-colored pistils and iridescent trichomes. Because this strain is so potent, patients with a low tolerance may be overwhelmed by the high THC of this strain and feel paranoia, dizziness, or nausea.