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Earthshaker OG

Phenomenally strong descendent of OG Kush beloved for its body-shaking effects


About Earthshaker OG

Originally named P.O. #3, Progressive Options Genetics developed the sativa-dominant Earthshaker OG from a special cut of OG Kush.

Earthshaker retains many of OG Kush's appealing traits while boosting the strain's potency over 27% THC in some batches.

Those who have tried the strain describe its effects as stimulating as it delivers a long-lasting, arousing body buzz. Fragrances of sweet cheese and earthy skunk blend together to create this strain's interesting flavor palette.

All of its flowers are round, fluffy sage green buds with chunky calyxes interwoven between patches of peach pistils and a haze of dewy trichomes.