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Electric Kool Aid

A one-of-a-kind flavor in an invigorating package


About Electric Kool Aid

Said to taste like the nostalgia-inducing beverage Kool-Aid that we all know and love, Electric Kool Aid deliciously combines Cherry Pie with Purple Diesel to create this cool sativa-dominant hybrid strain.

This strain produces dense forest green buds covered in a light shroud of sparkling trichomes and a fine layer of colorful pistils.

Patients who have experienced Electric Kool Aid's effects as initially quite creatively euphoric, then followed by a wave of calm relaxation that washes over your body and mind.

As mentioned, one of the most fantastic facets of this strain is its eerily delicious taste, blending sugary notes of overripe berries and an aroma of soothing lavender to create something that resembles its namesake's unique flavor.