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Cherry Pie

This fruity pie-flavored hybrid strain was born when Grand Daddy Purp was crossed with Durban Poison


About Cherry Pie

A blend of Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple, Cherry Pie is a super sweet, primarily indica cannabis strain with a bubbly buzz.

If you are looking for a thoroughly euphoric cannabis strain you’re very likely to enjoy Cherry Pie, though you should know that the strain has a physical buzz that becomes increasingly relaxing as the high goes on.

Cannabis lovers who have sampled this strain have found that its scent is sugary sweet, and once you vaporize or smoke this hybrid you’ll be greeted by it’s delectable Cherry Pie flavor.

The densely-packed flowers of Cherry Pie have bright parsley green flavor that is intensified by the strain’s caramel-colored pistils and glittering trichomes.