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Exodus Cheese

One of the dankest strains to come out of the UK


About Exodus Cheese

The famous strain that reigns from the United Kingdom, Exodus Cheese (also called Cheese) is an indica-dominant bud said to have descended from a particularly dank Skunk #1 phenotype.

A strain that is known for its high yield of large, cheesy buds and its even higher potency, this strain has been shown to test as high as 23% THC.

Exodus Cheese is regarded by cannabis patients to be a heavily sedative strain, coupling its naturally relaxing indica characteristics with a calming, uplifting head high.

Buds of Exodus Cheese produce an earthy cheddar cheese aroma that is quite pungent.

The buds' calyxes are a mix of light green and marine hues, brightened even more by the fur of yellow pistils and golden haze of trichomes.