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Galactic Jack

A spacey sativa-dominant hybrid that will be enjoyed by any sativa lover


About Galactic Jack

This potent sativa-dominant hybrid crosses the infallible Space Queen with one of the most famous sativa strains of all time, Jack Herer.

Boasting THC levels of between 20-27% THC, Galactic Jack is sure to be potent enough for the majority of cannabis patients.

This strain has been described as happy, motivating and energetic, much like its parent Jack Herer, with an undercurrent of soothing physical relaxation.

Galactic Jack's buds have a pungent skunky aroma with brightening lemon fragrances, and when imbibed this cannabis strain produces a shockingly sweet lemon flavor.

The buds themselves are quite large and covered in a thick layer of chunky trichomes and twirling auburn pistils.