Jack Herer


A sweet-tasting flower that is a favorite of every sativa lover, this bud brings copious motivation and energy

About Jack Herer

A classic sativa, Jack Herer is a famously potent strain that was originally named in honor of the famous author and activist of the same name.

Patients who have experience with this world-famous strain say that Jack Herer offers one of the most motivating and euphoric highs, as it brings a rush of physical and mental energy to their patients while melting away stress and pain.

THC potency of Jack Herer's buds has been recorded as high as 25%, making it one of the most potent sativas; the smell this strain's flowers give off is like a bowl of ripe grapefruits, lemons, and oranges, mixed with a fresh aroma of foresty pine.

The buds themselves are a beautiful emerald green color, these chunky calyxes have patches of neon orange pistils nestled between them, and over each bud is a dewy layer of trichomes.

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