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Green Dream

A very cerebral blend of Green Crack and Blue Dream that will make any sativa lover's day


About Green Dream

This sativa-dominant hybrid strain hails from two insanely famous parent strains, Green Crack and Blue Dream, who have together created one of the most energetic and uplifting cannabis strains available.

Patients who have sampled Green Dream report that this heady strain provides a lucid high that is sharp, clear, and at times intensely psychoactive.

With THC levels that can regularly top 20% THC, this strain has a reputation for being overwhelming, inducing paranoia or headaches for some new cannabis users, in particular those who have a low tolerance for THC or who don't know their tolerance yet.

Buds of Green Dream are, of course, bright green and tend to have a citrusy, aromatic wood fragrance, while the taste of this strain blends sweet, ripe blueberries and other earthy fruit flavors.