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Green Crack

This one-of-a-kind cannabis legend will be a favorite of most sativa lovers


About Green Crack

If you are looking for a sativa strain that delivers unrelenting euphoria, Green Crack is your best bet; developed by repeatedly breeding together Skunk #1 plants to accentuate the soaring cerebral effects of this strain.

Buds of Green Crack tend to test between 18-20% THC, making this strain one of the more potent sativa strains in existence, which is reflected in this strain's occasionally overwhelmingly strong effects.

Sativa-lovers will enjoy the way that Green Crack gives an incredibly exciting head rush, full of creative energy, though some users may be affected by paranoia due to this strain's exciting effects.

These flowers have an earthy smell that mixes fresh ripe mango and citrus fruits with an earthy undercurrent, with a tropical fruit smoothie flavor that comes through especially well when this strain is vaped.