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Green Kush

A shocking blend of Green Crack and Purple Kush that really delivers the best of both worlds


About Green Kush

Blending the insanely popular Purple Kush and Green Crack cannabis strains, Green Kush is an indica-dominant cannabis hybrid that delivers thoroughly uplifting head effects atop a powerful body buzz.

Those who have experienced Green Kush remark that this cannabis strain will deliver a bright burst of focused, creative cerebral energy, while the indica effects of this strain entrench your body in a state of total relaxation with an incredible buzz.

Some tests of Green Kush have found this strain has over 25% THC, and its chunky green and purple buds with bright, fiery calyxes and a host of chunky trichomes indicate this strain's high potency.

Plants of Green Kush tend to flower in approximately 8 weeks, and produce a high yield of flowers with a delicious citrusy fragrance, muddled with an aroma of fresh flowers.