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Green Ribbon

A bright high potency sativa-dominant bud enjoyed for its near psychedelic haze


About Green Ribbon

Green Ribbon is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is allegedly a blend of Green Crack, Trainwreck, and Afgoo that was originally created in San Jose, California.

Patients who've tried Green Ribbon have noted that it begins with an uplifted near-psychedelic haze, meanwhile, the physical side of this strain creates a soothing body buzz.

Buds of Green Ribbon have been shown to have THC levels of up to 25% THC, and because of this strain's extremely high potency, some users have found that this strain can overwhelm them and prompt some dizziness or nausea.

This strain's sage green buds are lightened further by the haze of iridescent trichomes that litter the surface of each flower, tangles of tangerine pistils dotting the tips.