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Gucci OG

A luxurious phenotype of the beloved cannabis strain OG Kush that is as potent as it is pleasurable


About Gucci OG

Gucci OG is a highly potent phenotype of the royal cannabis strain OG Kush, designed to appeal to those of us who are looking for an even more potent and luxurious version of the strain.

This strain's soaring, creative, and euphoric head high is quickly overtaken by a more relaxing, sedating physical effect.

Buds of Gucci OG are furry with an array of potent, translucent trichomes and light orange pistils, each sage green nug full of sticky, pungent resin with a classic kush smell.

These buds have been proven to have THC levels between 20-26%, making Gucci OG an extremely potent strain.