Haze Heaven


A heavenly indica-dominant hybrid beloved for it's easy euphoria

About Haze Heaven

Soma Seeds developed Haze Heaven, an indica-dominant blend of Afghani, Hawaiian, Haze, and Northern Lights #5.

Buds of this strain are known to be quite large, each round bright green nug dotted with small grapefruit-colored patches of pistils and a thin dusting of translucent trichomes.

Patients who have sampled this heavenly strain describe its effects as entirely uplifting, inducing a giggly and yet calm, relaxed mood perfect for hanging out with friends.

As soon as you break apart one of Haze Heaven's buds you will notice the strain's high content of sticky resin, that likely smells sweet with a hint of warm spices; when imbibed the flavor of this strain becomes more complex, blending together tropical fruit flavors with sweet blueberry and herbs.

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