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Soma Seeds

Soma Seeds

Sacred & Legendary

About Soma Seeds

Soma Seeds is a cannabis seed breeder founded by a man named Soma from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After a brief stint in the Air Force, he took a job in the mailroom at IBM. In 1967, he was introduced to cannabis by an inter-office courier and decided to leave IBM to explore the drug further. He eventually moved to San Francisco and started a natural food bakery and store. In 1974, he moved to Gainesville, Florida, where he started growing cannabis and became known for the "Gainesville Green" strain. In 1980, he was arrested for growing 200 kilograms of cannabis, but the charges were later dropped.

In 1985, Soma officially founded Soma Seeds and began breeding cannabis strains. He continued to experiment with different genetics and developed several popular strains, including Amnesia Haze, NYC Diesel, and Lavender. Soma's dedication to sustainability and natural growing methods has helped establish the company as a leader in the cannabis industry. Over the years, Soma Seeds has won numerous awards for its strains, including the High Times Cannabis Cup and the Spannabis Champions Cup. Today, the company continues to produce high-quality cannabis seeds and is known for its commitment to sustainability and innovation in the industry.



Fagelstraat 83, 1052 GA Amsterdam, Netherlands
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