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An award-winning cross of Biker Kush and Sour Diesel perfect for adventures at home or outdside


About Headbanger

The 2013 winner of the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup bred by Karma Genetics, Headbanger brings together Biker Kush with Sour Diesel.

Patients who have tried Headbanger reveal that this strain delivers an uplifting cerebral mood shift while energizing the mind and body, making this a perfect strain for adventures with friends or hanging out on the couch listening to music.

Headbanger's buds tend to mix colors of light and dark green together, each chunky flower intertwining together long, spiraling pistils and a furry haze of trichomes.

These flowers each have a sweet orange aroma that is very enticing, and when vaporized or smoked the smell takes on a taste of delicious berries.