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Heavy Duty Fruity

A seriously fruity hybrid of three west coast favorites that can keep your head in the game


About Heavy Duty Fruity

Heavy Duty Fruity by the famous seed company T. H. Seeds is a hybrid of renowned West Coast Cannabis strains Seattle Big Bud, Killing Garberville, and Mendocino Hash Plant.

Beloved for its delicious flavor, high potency and high yield, Heavy Duty Fruity's big buds produce a pungent yet intriguing aroma of sweet berries and lemon.

Cannabis connoisseurs say that Heavy Duty Fruity delivers an energetic cerebral high that is focused and productive, ideal for working on any creative or mentally stimulating projects.

Buds of this are large and deep forest green, a fur of long red pistils dotted all over the surface of each bud, a dust of sparkling trichomes covering the each calyx entirely.