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T.H. Seeds

T.H. Seeds

To Protect Genetics and Serve Mankind

About T.H. Seeds

T.H. Seeds has a long history, with 25 years in the business. It started in Amsterdam in 1993 with Doug and Adam. This makes the company among the oldest cannabis seed companies globally.

The company began as C.I.A. Cannabis, which was a cannabis information center and seed shop. Soon after, they opened Hemp Works, Europe’s first hemp store. This is where HoodLamb, the hemp clothing brand, was born and where thousands of people from around the world first learned about cannabis.

T.H. Seeds and its founders have been part of the High Times Cannabis Cup since nearly the start, running the Darkstar Rocket, the Trichome Bong Hit Challenge, Hemp Fashion Shows, and more. The company has also earned numerous awards for its seeds, including MK-Ultra, The HOG, Sage ‘n Sour, S.A.G.E., Darkstar, and Kushage. The company has also been the destination for many pot-friendly celebrities, including Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Puff Daddy, and Redman.



Zamenhofstraat 150, # 437, 1022 AG Amsterdam, Netherlands