Heisenberg Kush


An invigorating sativa-dominant hybrid named for the insanely popular television show Breaking Bad

About Heisenberg Kush

Named in honor of Breaking Bad protagonist Walter White, Heisenberg Kush is an invigorating and cerebral sativa-dominant hybrid of Sin City Kush and Blue Dream.

Buds of this strain can be hard to come by but is thoroughly enjoyed by those who have tried it for the strain's creative and uplifting cerebral effects, ideal for focusing on creative passions.

Buds of Heisenberg Kush are each a medley of beautiful bluish green hues, their dense structure's surface coated with trichomes and spots of bright red pistils.

If you break apart one of these buds you'll notice this strain's sticky resin has an earthy aroma with a hint of fruitiness, and the flavor if this strain is even sweeter.

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