Sin City Kush

A unique indica-dominant cannabis strain that combines LVPK and Snowdog known for its stimulating high
About Sin City Kush

An indica-dominant blend of Snowdawg and LVPK that was originally created by Alphakronik Genes Seeds.

Sin City Kush's effects are often described as both relaxing and stimulating, as it provides euphoric and creative head effects and a tingly body buzz.

Expect Sin City Kush's buds to have a nutty, intriguing odor, and as soon as it is smoked or vaporized it tends to take on a grape and hazelnut flavor unlike any other.

This strain's flowers are earthy and dense, their round flowers individually decorated with brownish pistils and a generous layer of shimmering trichomes.

1 Review
6 months ago
Sin City Kush is an Indica Dominant strain with small dense buds with light and dark green shades covered by long bright dark orange "hairs" and a pine wood smell. Its effects will leave the user feeling very stoney, as the body becomes pain free and relaxed as the brain feels happy and very calm. Sin City Kush has an unique sour green grape taste.
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