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A sativa-dominant hybrid that might give the power of Hercules himself


About Hercules

This sativa-dominant cross of Hawaiian Urkle (The Fork x Rugburn OG) and Gupta Kush is rumored to give you the energy of Hercules himself through its uplifting, motivating, and focused high.

Buds of Hercules have about 20% THC on average, these buds each give off a pungent floral aroma that transforms into a herbaceous fruit salad aroma, blending grapes, apples, berries, citrus, and pine-scented sage together.

Patients who have sampled Hercules have found that this strain is best used when you want to be productive, as this strain is known for its cerebrally stimulating effects.

This strain's nugs are a light minty green hue, each lightened even more by a sheer layer of trichomes and rust-colored pistils.