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Rug Burn OG

This physically relaxing, euphoric indica-dominant strain was parented by Ghost OG and Rare Dankness #1


About Rug Burn OG

Often called by its alternative name "The Rugburn", Rugburn OG combines the fabulous parent strains Rare Dankness #1 and Ghost OG into a heavily indica-dominant hybrid.

Patients who are looking for a strain with a physically sedative body buzz will likely enjoy Rugburn OG's couch-locking effects, as well as the euphoric head high that this strain provides.

Expect Rugburn OG's fluffy flowers to be a rich forest green hue, their irregular structure entirely coated with shimmering trichomes and light orange pistils.

Rugburn OG tends to have a THC potency of about 15-23%, and these flowers produce a refreshingly piney aroma and a fruity, sugary, grapefruit flavor.