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Hustler Kush

This indica-dominant hybrid strain boasts beautiful nugs and a long-lasting body high


About Hustler Kush

Hustler Kush (sometimes called Hustler OG) is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that reigns from Greenworks out of Seattle, WA, said to be a descendant of the famous cannabis strain OG Kush.

Flowers of this strain are light green and shaped like small Christmas trees, each one entangled in a frosty web of trichomes and long, bright orange pistils.

Patients who have tried Hustler Kush mention that this strain is fast-acting and long-lasting, known to provide powerful pain and stress-relieving effects through it's completely relaxing physical buzz.

Each of this strain's gorgeous flowers has a bright scent of fresh pine and a sweet flavor that is quite pleasant, and generally Hustler Kush's nugs have a THC potency of ~17%.