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ICED Grapefruit

A ridiculously frosty sativa-dominant hybrid beloved for its sweet taste and even better effects


About ICED Grapefruit

ICED Grapefruit is a super frosty mostly sativa hybrid of Grapefruit and ICE that was originally bred by Female Seeds.

This strain is very potent, boasting THC levels of 22-25% on average, and each of this strain's dank flowers gives off a sweet citrus aroma that tastes just like a grapefruit when this strain is vaped.

Those who have tried ICED Grapefruit have said that this sativa-dominant strain is intensely relaxing, as it effortlessly melts the stress of the mind and body with it's all-encompassing body buzz.

ICED Grapefruit's buds are known for their thick coat of trichomes, and each of these dense yellowish green flowers has a host of grapefruit pink pistils poking out between each of this strain's lumpy calyxes.