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One of the most prolific sativa strains of all time, this bud smells just like grapefruit


About Grapefruit

Grapefruit evolved when Cinderella 99 was combined with an unknown grapefruit-scented sativa hybrid, resulting in a fast-flowering hybrid known for the uplifted energy it brings.

Those who have sampled Grapefruit have said that it is suited for any activity, whether that be exercising, spending time in nature, or working on any creative hobby due to it's high-energy cerebral effects.

Flowers of this strain smell just like fresh grapefruit, mixing sour citrus with a sweet earthy flavor that is honestly delicious.

Buds of Grapefruit regularly test around 20% THC, and the buds tend to be round, sage colored, and each dotted with splotches of grapefruit-colored pistils and a fuzz of glistening trichomes.