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Kali Dog

A powerfully euphoric sativa-dominant cross of two Californian classic cannabis strains


About Kali Dog

Kali Dog is a powerful sativa-dominant hybrid that was developed by Royal Queen Seeds through a cross of two famed cannabis strains, Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

Buds of Kali Dog are round and densely packed, each one blending hues of sage green with a tangle of long auburn pistils and a generous dew of sparkling trichomes.

Those who have had a chance to sample Kali Dog have sad that this strain is initially very uplifting, then a stimulating body buzz takes over mind and body leaving its user feeling focused and energetic.

Much like its parent Sour Diesel, Kali Dog has a distinctly diesel-like scent, though this strain's flavor provides a much brighter twist of lemon and grapefruit.