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Kelly Hill Gold

A decadent indica-dominant hybrid strain from Colorado that brings total relaxation to its patients


About Kelly Hill Gold

Also called Kelly's Hills or Kelly Hill, Kelly Hill Gold is an indica-dominant blend of Chemdawg 4 and Acapulco Gold that was created by Colorado's own Joseph Arthur Botanicals.

This strain is known for its huge green buds that have a halo of long, golden pistils that form a tangled web atop each bud among a glistening coat of translucent trichomes.

Buds of Kelly Hill Gold have been tested as high as 25%, and each peppery flower takes on a taste of black coffee when this strain is vaped or smoked.

Those who have sampled this decadent cannabis strain say that it delivers a physically soothing effect that is particularly relaxing, and ultimately results in a calm, happy mood.