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Kurple Fantasy

Kurple Fantasy

An indica-dominant strain with beautiful purple buds, expect this one to be a creeper


About Kurple Fantasy

This award-winning mostly indica hybrid is rumored to be a combination of '92 OG Kush and Old Man Purps (Purple phenotype of Chitral Kush), known for its delicious grape flavor and powerful physical effects.

Buds of Kurple Fantasy have a medley of violet and moss green hues, each calyx dotted with brownish pistils and a thick coat of chunky, light-colored trichomes.

Kurple Fantasy's patients enjoy this funky cannabis strain's creeping effects, which begin with a stimulating buzz at the back of your skull that descends throughout the rest of your body, relaxing the body while it allows the mind to wander.

Potency of these buds has been said to reach up to 23%, making it very potent, and you might be able to recognize this strain's nugs by their distinctly skunky scent and sweet grape and diesel taste.