An intriguing indica-dominant hybrid that will completely relax you
About Kushberry

Kushberry is a west coast hybrid strain that blends the tasty Blueberry with the well-known OG Kush to create this extremely relaxing indica-dominant hybrid strain.

Flowers of Kushberry can be deep violet or light teal green, and either way these buds are saddled with a coat of sparkling, potent trichomes and topped with patches of light tangerine pistils.

Patients who have experience with Kushberry describe this potent strain as intensely relaxing, as flowers of Kushberry relieve stress, aches, tension, and pain from the body seemingly effortlessly.

A blueberry scent comes from these flowers, and their taste is that much stronger, the sweet earthy blueberry flavor combined with distinct Kush notes gives this strain its intriguing and unique taste.

1 Review
3 months ago
Kushberry is a popular Indica Dominant strain in the West Coast and Colorado. Its' buds are large and dense with different light shades of green covered by orange "hairs" with a smooth Berries smell. Kushberry produces a powerful sedating feeling very quickly, elevating the user's mind while bringing a strong calming effect that leads the user to a cozy, sleepy mood. Its' taste is very close to a cold berry pie.
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