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LA Chocolat

LA Chocolat

A sweet hybrid that blends L.A. Confidential and Chocolope into a phenomenal hybrid


About LA Chocolat

DNA Genetics developed LA Chocolat, when they crossed Chocolope with the amazing L.A. Confidential strain. The result is a sweet slightly indica-dominant (60/40) hybrid with powerful effects.

Patients who have tried L.A. Chocolat find that the strain is fabulously euphoric, giving its user a focused and creative head high that spreads throughout the body with near-narcotic pain relieving effects.

L.A Chocolat's buds are cone-shaped and have a light sage green hue, each flower complete with its light orange pistils and a hefty layer of glistening trichomes.

As mentioned previously, the flavor of this strain is shockingly similar to real dark chocolate, but this strain's aroma consists of herbs, more chocolate, and sweet, nutty coffee.