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LA Confidential

LA Confidential

A powerful indica from DNA Genetics that is sure to lighten your mood and relax your body


About LA Confidential

One of DNA Genetics' most popular strains, LA Confidential is a very potent and pleasurable indica strain that is thought to be a descendent of OG LA Affie with an Afghani landrace strain.

Buds of LA Confidential are a sight to behold, with their dense, round shape and vibrant coloration. These forest green buds are covered in a snow-like blanket of trichomes, with patches of neon orange pistils adding to their appeal. When broken open or burned, they release a bright piney aroma that can fill a room, accompanied by a sweet and surprisingly pleasant earthy flavor.

This strain is known for providing a calm, relaxing physical high that is accompanied by nearly psychedelic cerebral effects, leaving its users feeling completely euphoric. Many patients have reported that this strain is a great choice for relieving stress and tension, making it an excellent option for those seeking relaxation and enjoyment.