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A blueberry and lemon flavored sativa-dominant hybrid with totally blissful effects


About Lemonberry

Lemonberry is the sativa-dominant result of a cross between Lemon Thai and Dabney Blue (a Blueberry derivative) that was developed by Fusion Seeds.

One of the most amazing aspects of Lemonberry is the sweet taste that this strain delivers, as ripe blueberry and fresh lemon flavors come together to create a taste not unlike a blueberry muffin.

Cannabis lovers who have been lucky enough to find Lemonberry describe the strain as mostly euphoric, creating a giggly and creative head effect that seems to simultaneously energize the body.

The flowers themselves are a light green hue that is almost completely obscured by the blanket of shiny trichomes that cover every inch of these buds' surface, interrupted only by bright orange pistils.