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Lemon Thai

Lemon Thai

Derived from Thai and Hawaiian landrace strains, this lemon-scented bud brings energetic bliss


About Lemon Thai

Dutch Flowers developed the blissful sativa Lemon Thai by crossing Thai and Hawaiian landrace strains together, creating this citrusy bud.

Likely due to the strain's Thai heritage, Lemon Thai's effects are primarily cerebral, immediately engulfing its user in a buzzy, blissful, and energetic head high.

Flowers of this strain are fluffy and lumpy, each desaturated sage green calyx a mass of decadent trichomes amongst smaller patches of lemon-colored pistils.

If you guessed that lemon Thai would have a lemony flavor you'd be right, although it is overlayed by a subtle fragrance of warm, earthy spice that makes this strain truly unique.