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Lime Purple Mist

Lime Purple Mist

A hazy indica-dominant hybrid with an uplifting, giggly high


About Lime Purple Mist

Sometimes called Lime Purple Haze, Lime Purple Mist is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that allegedly crosses Purple Haze and Lime Haze into a giggly, euphoric hybrid.

Patients have described Lime Purple Haze's high as intensely relaxing and uplifting, simultaneously bringing its patient a giggly, creative high alongside a nearly sedative body buzz.

Flowers of this rare bud tend to mix bright green and deep violet hues, each calyx covered with a web of orange pistils and a furry coat of trichomes.

As you may have expected, this strain smells distinctly of lime and pungent earth, and the flavors that come through this strain are a bit like a lime mojito with just a hint of sweet grape flavor.