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Purple Haze

Purple Haze

Expect this sativa-dominant strain to deliver a fruity flavor and a sociable, uplifted buzz


About Purple Haze

A mostly sativa strain, Purple Haze is a hybrid that combines Haze and Purple Thai into a powerfully invigorating and giggly hybrid.

Originally named after Jimi Hendrix's hit from 1967, this strain's flowers produce an earthy aroma that is surprisingly fruity and a similar flavor that blends candy-like grape, blueberry, and blackberry notes.

Expect Purple Haze's effects to deliver a thoroughly tingly body buzz that provides an energetic effect, which is accompanied by a sociable and talkative cerebral high.

Purple Haze's flowers are long, fluffy, and lime green, and each of them possesses an array of chunky trichomes and long, curly pistils.