Maramota #10


An indica-dominant blend of Blueberry, Hashplant, and G-13 that

About Maramota #10

The indica-dominant bud Maramota #10 is a fragrant combination of Hash Plant, 1988 G-13, and DJ Short Blueberry that delivers a delightful cerebral buzz.

Maramota #10 brings bright cerebral euphoria and a surprisingly relaxing physical buzz that is known to make some patients feel very sleepy, making this strain a great choice for evening use.

Flowers of Maramota #10 have a saturated sage green color, and each flower is encased in a dew of glistening trichomes and winding orange pistils.

These spade-shaped buds are known for their earthy scent and the sweet berry flavor that comes through this strain when you smoke or vaporize it.

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