Hash Plant

The classic cannabis strain with a hash-like smell delivers a body stone unlike any other
About Hash Plant

A classic indica strain from Sensi Seeds, Hash Plant was derived from the original hash-making strains (such as Hindu Kush) and retains the ridiculous amount of trichomes, resin content, and high potency of those heritage strains.

Hash Plant is known for its spicy, sticky, distinctively hash-like aroma, blending flavors of kush and classic hash together into a musky and totally unique flavor.

Those who have experienced Hash Plant have found this strain to be stupendously relaxing, inducing an undeniable physical sedation that is rumored to nearly immobilize its user's full body.

Hash Plant's flowers have tested anywhere between 16-26% THC, and each one muddles calyxes of bright and deep green together under a hazy halo of sparkling trichomes and winding orange pistils.

1 Review
5 months ago
Hash Plant is a famous pure Indica strain with its origins in Afghanistan. With a blend of Hindu Kush and Northern Lights, Hash Plant is an extremely powerful hybrid. Hash Plant produces fat, highly resinous buds with a sweet, spicy scent. The spicy hash-like aroma is also notable in the rich hashish flavor, accompanied by a relaxing and long-lasting effect. Make sure to have a full fridge before smoking this strain.
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