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Margaret Cho-G

Margaret Cho's own brand of bud, chosen for spectacular euphoria and its tingling body buzz


About Margaret Cho-G

Margaret Cho-G is a Californian descendent of OG Kush that was chosen by Margaret Cho herself for it's relaxing mental and physical effects.

Flowers of Margaret Cho-G should give off the classic OG Kush aroma alongside earthy notes of diesel, and when you smoke this strain you'll note that it tastes like sweet honey, sour lemon, and a blend of fragrant herbs.

Once you've smoked, vaped, or otherwise imbibed Margaret Cho-G you'll be greeted by the strain's giggly sense of total euphoria and a physically relaxing tingle that spreads from the forehead throughout the rest of the body.

Buds of Margaret Cho-G can be expected to be dense but slightly small, each light green flower glistening with a dew of potent trichomes and peach colored pistils.