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Marionberry Kush

A powerful cross of Space Queen and Raspberry Kush that will relax and elate anyone who tries it


About Marionberry Kush

Marionberry Kush is a euphoric blend of Raspberry Kush and Space Queen that was developed by Heroes of the Farm in Oregon.

This strain is named after a delicious berry that is native to the grower's locale, and the strain itself has known for its sweet-tart strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry flavor.

At first, Marionberry Kush's effects induce a physical high that spreads throughout the body, relaxing the user's physical body as well as their mind while also giving them a mellow euphoria.

Buds of Marionberry Kush are often a grass green hue lightened by the shimmering layer of trichomes and small orange pistils that litter the surface of every flower.