Mega Jackpot

A euphoric sativa-dominant blend of Jack Herer, Haze, and Northern Lights that brings talkative, giggly effects


About Mega Jackpot

As its name implies, Mega Jackpot is an amazing sativa-dominant cross of Jack Herer, Haze, and Northern Lights said to provide the ultimate cerebral high.

The first thing you're likely to notice about Mega Jackpot is its aroma, which blends subtle vanilla with an earthy pungency, and this strain's flavor is a blend of sweet blueberry and grape with tart blackberry.

Mega Jackpot's effects immediately begin by delivering a burst of energetic euphoria, which gives those who use it a giggly, uplifted effect.

This strain's flowers are bright green and are decorated by bright red pistils and a generous fur of iridescent pistils.

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