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Melon Gum

This sweet indica-dominant strain brings a potent, relaxing buzz and delicious flavor


About Melon Gum

The delicious indica-dominant strain Melon Gum combines Bubble Gum with Lavender, resulting in a high-potency strain that looks as good as it tastes.

Melon Gum's buds are light green in color and each has a dusting of potent trichomes, resulting in this strain's high THC potency which can reach up to 25% in some cases.

The effects of Melon Gum are thoroughly relaxing, initially producing a tingly body high while this strain's near-psychedelic head effect takes the mind to a dreamy high.

As you may expect, Melon Gum's flavor is a blend of sweet melon, strawberry, lemon, and bubble gum flavors, while its scent is simply earthy with an undercurrent of light melon fragrance.