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Night Terror OG

A blueberry-flavored indica dominant strain that is sure to lead you to a dreamy slumber


About Night Terror OG

Night Terror OG is an indica-dominant strain that combines Rare Dankness #1 and Blue Dream parents into a dreamy and super sedative hybrid strain.

Cannabis lovers are sure to enjoy the strain's superb pain-relieving and relaxing effects, which bring a relaxing and frequently sedative body buzz alongside uplifting head effects.

Flowers of Night Terror OG are each a melange of light and dark green calyxes, every round nug shrouded with sparkling trichomes and rarely a few lemon yellow pistils.

As soon as you open a bag of Night Terror OG you will be struck by the strain's intense blueberry and diesel aromas, and when combusted or vaporized the strain takes on sweet berry and lemon flavors.