Rare Dankness #1


Rare Dankness developed their namesake indica-dominant hybrid of Ghost OG and Chemdawg cannabis strains

About Rare Dankness #1

An indica-dominant development of Colorado cannabis company Rare Dankness, this bud is the result of a cross between Chemdawg and Ghost OG cannabis strains.

Rare Dankness #1's high has been described as simultaneously relaxing and blissful, as it provides a thoroughly giggly, uplifted, yet fully sedative body buzz.

Expect this strain's flowers to have a pine tree-like earthy scent, while its sweet-tart flavor is comprised of decadent blackberry, blueberry, and raspberry notes.

The buds of Rare Dankness #1 are fluffy and quite round, their olive green hue decorated with thick orange pistils and a generous cloak of sparkling, shimmering trichomes.

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