Photo of Northern Lights

Northern Lights

A ridiculously popular indica-dominant hybrid of Thai and Afghani strains that provides the perfect buzz
About Northern Lights

One of the most beloved strains of all time, Northern Lights is an indica-dominant cross of Thai and Afghani strains known for its euphoric effects and its resinous flowers.

This strain's THC potency has been proven to reach levels as high as 29%, making this pine-scented strain one of the most potent buds available.

Northern Lights effects are known to be particularly uplifting, but alongside that happy, creative head high is an intense body buzz that completely relaxes and sedates anyone who uses this strain.

Expect flowers of Northern Lights to be extremely large, each fluffy mint green flower encased in a shimmering fur of trichomes and lemon yellow pistils.

1 Review
5 months ago
Northern Lights is a wonderful and a very popular strain. A pure indica with good characteristics from flavor to effect, making it a good choice for patients suffering from stress, pain and anxiety. With a delicious blend of citrus and musk pine taste, Northern Lights must be vaped when possible, trust me, you will thank me later. The effect you get from Northern Lights is the typical "stone" indica high, don't be surprised to be "couch locked" for a few hours!
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